Thursday, February 11, 2010

Looking for love and thick slices of Viennese apple strudel: Page Six Magazine doesn't fail to deliver again!

The new issue of Page Six Magazine was included for free today in the Post that costs 50 cents. If it gets better than this (deliriously and unintentionally hilarious features), then I'd like to know about it...

Attila and Marius Dogudan, NYC's New Stud Muffins
Attila and Marius Dogudan are gentlemanly Austrian millionaires who brought the Demel pastry empire to the United States. Now they're luring in the ladies with sharp suits, a glamorous backstory and a secret weapon...chocolate.

And that's just the headline and second deck of the story...which begins!

At the Demel pâtisserie at the Plaza Hotel, two dashing Chuck Bass look-alikes — Attila Dogudan Jr. and his brother, Marius — are cutting thick slices of Viennese apple strudel and chocolate torte and pondering one of their favorite subjects: Manhattan's women.

Their decadent pastries aren't your typical nutritionist-approved nosh, but that doesn't stop a parade of Park Avenue blondes from venturing into the bowels of the Plaza to sit at the café and flirt with the handsome brothers who man its counter. "My brother is a complete chick magnet," laughs Attila, 25, regarding the ladies who seem more interested in Marius, 23, than in his Sacher torte. Attila also has a fan club. He waves to a pin-thin girl with long, straight hair cascading down her back, as she makes a "call me later" motion with her hand.

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