Saturday, February 13, 2010

Miguel, call Lilly with the partially shaved kitty!

Have you seen all those "Desperately seeking Miguel" fliers on Second Avenue? The person here met Miguel at Lit, and he lives on Second Avenue and Sixth Street...

I hesitate to even post something like this...given it's likely a viral markerting scheme for an HBO show or some urban art project... Still! I looked up the number convenitently listed on dozens of fliers on public sidewalks ... and it took me to this Web site (NSFW). This number brought me to Lilly on My Red Book, a place for "Escort, Massage, and Strip Club Reviews."

Funny what you can learn about someone on the Internet... Such as she has a "partially shaved kitty."

Anyway, Miguel! Call her!


WB said...

Only one tattoo? Pass.

Eden Bee said...

ha! I just posted about Miguel and his magical penis!