Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The perils of falling in love with a Mars Bar regular

Great piece by Jennifer Blowdryer in this week's issue of NYPress:

Here's how it starts:

SEE THAT GUY at the end of the bar, telling the same story about auditioning for The Ramones for the umpteenth tourist? Meticulously counting out the drinks until his Sky and Seven buyback, glued to his stool, pupils black with the drink? That’s my man!

Read the rest here.


Jill said...

Jennifer Blowdryer has great stories, that woman has lived a life and a half by now, I expect.

Jason said...

Great read! She's a talented writer!

Eden Bee said...

Yeesh-I was at Mars bar last month or something and I drunkenly tried to help Jennifer push her friend in the wheelchair out of the bar thinking I could help, but I pushed too hard and he flew out of the chair and would have landed in the street, except like 4 people caught him before he did. I almost re-crippled him! They were nice about it though..