Thursday, April 1, 2010

East Villagers form non-Yelp-like community on Facebook

There's a newish Facebook group called "I know a great little place in the East Village NYC."

Here's the description:

A group for all things great in the East Village, if you know of a great place to shop, eat or do anything in your spare time, share it with people from your neighborhood. The East Village was formerly known for its sense of community, so share what you love whether popular or obscure.

This is not a forum to slag off places though, only places you enjoy.

This is an attempt at a community that isn't Yelp. A community that is actually driven by sharing and experiencing the hidden gems in the East Village. This is for people to discuss all things East Village for each other.

There are a ton of awesome people running small businesses trying to survive in this expensive NYC environment. Through people exposing these great little gems, we're helping to keep cool places in and awful chains/franchises out.


fred.uls said...

i like dunkin donuts and the park. i go there to watch the little children play.

VH McKenzie said...

Yay for this -- I'll join. I hate hearing about the "great little places" for the first time when either you or Jeremiah are noting that they are going out of business.