Friday, April 16, 2010

No anarchists today at Theatre 80

An update on today's fourth annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival via Facebook:

Because of the distractions related to the raid we are curtailing the program to just Judson Church from 5 pm onward till nighttime. We have an amazing program this year of regular and immersive films created by global justice filmakers from all over the world.

For those of you who are concerned about the safety in light of recent police harassment, I would urge you to come out in spite of these threats — we can not allow illegal police state tactics to limit our ability to communicate with one another. The only way to effectively stop this kind of behaviour is not to allow them to sabotage our communication forums.

The Program for this years festival:
5pm - Experimental Videos - Video art engaging the idea of self, creativity and our relationship with the state

6pm - We are Everywhere - Anarchist Projects, Actions and Narratives from around the world. Videos from Mexico, Palestine, Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia

7pm - Squat Me - films about reclaiming private and public space for the common good. Followed by discussion

8pm - Enviromental Justice - Films dealing with enviromental justice issues from Nigeria to Copenhagen to United States.

9pm - The Police State - Films about suppression of resistance movements in United States and elsewhere. Democracy 101 a film about the police tactics during the G20 protests in Pittsburgh last september.

10pm - Insurrection Now - From New York To Greece - Fuck the Police - Includes presentation about current occupy everything projects in california and Immersive Film about the Anarchist Rebellion in Greece

11pm - Surprise Real Time interactive audio perfomance by members of VOID collective from Athens and other guests.

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