Thursday, April 8, 2010

Taavo Somer's new place sporting wood on the Bowery

Work is getting serious now at 325 Bowery, the future home of Taavo Somer's "classic American diner." The plywood is all around now...

A recap from Fork in the Road and the Nov. 16 CB3/SLA meeting: "Somer plans to fully utilize the bi-level space, creating a 63-seat restaurant with a 38-foot counter on the first floor and a 19-foot bar on the second. His application met with a show of support from members of the community, who bemoaned the current state of the abandoned restaurant, which has become a haven for drug deals and muggings."

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Goggla said...

Never heard of a 'classic American diner' with an upstairs bar, but I hope it's good. Methinks it will cater more to the Bowery Hotel crowd rather than the folks who live around there.