Thursday, December 1, 2011

Puddin' due next week on St. Mark's Place

We've been keepin' an eye on Puddin' ... (See our posts here ... and here.) According to the Puddin' website, the place is the creation of Clio Goodman, who worked at Café Boulud, Bar Boulud and Union Square Café before going into business as a private chef.

And according to a typically annoying writeup yesterday at Urban Daddy, Puddin' opens next week, but the pudding pops don't arrive until the spring.


Marty Wombacher said...

I could never eat at a place that's named the same way Sarah Palin pronounces, pudding.

abrod said...

$10 says this place doesn't make it to next June.

I'd like to meet the person who decided a store dedicated to selling only pudding was a viable business model....

marjorie said...


(I love pudding as an entity. No one could be more of a pudding booster than I. I am a pudding-American. And their pudding sounds delicious. But GAAAAH THE NAME! WHAT UP WITH THAT. There was Chikalicious Puddin' too, now apparently absorbed like espresso into spongecake into the rest of the Chikalicious empire. IT IS SPELLED PUDDING, PEOPLE. We need to take a stand against this heinous apostrophic trend.)

Anonymous said...

I give them two months before they go for a beer and wine license. Jane's Sweet Buns was only open for three months and the community board approved them for a beer and wine. This was a famous night where David McWater blew up, again.

He tries to push through any of these idiot scam places. How is this helping our community.

First of all there is never anyone in Jame's Sweet Buns!
When, when are you eating these liquor infused pastries? In the morning? After lunch? before dinner? After dinner?

There is never anyone in there. Never. I give them two months before they turn into a wine bar.

You have to understand that these people are all part of this CienFugos, Mayahuel, Jason Hennings Keith Masco doucheries, and that David McWater does everything in his power to help all these idiots.

There is never anyone in Jane's Sweet Buns.

Puddin will probably try and do the same thing.

Saint Marks Place is a nightmare and no one on the block ever does anything to protect their own block. It's sad.

Anonymous said...

Lemme get this straight. A whole shop dedicated to puddings but it doesn't offer tapioca? i mean how braindead can you get.

esquared said...

They'll probably steal George Costanza's idea and sell pudding skins singles.

And, of course, an application for a liquor license -- you know, to have a beer and wine pairin' with the puddin'.

abrod said...

I've stopped into Jane's Sweet Buns once or twice (supposedly was founded by a CBGB's bartender so hey what the hell) and they've been out of everything - apparently somebody's going in there sometime.

@esquared - come on, everybody knows pudding and beer/wine is a match made in heaven. Americans have been eating pudding that way for 500 years!

Anonymous said...

I am on that block all the time. i really like cafe Mogador. Even though it's a scene i try to go as late as possible when it quiets down. I also like to go early for breakfast. Good food. Could live without the crowd.
I have to say that I never see anyone in Jane's Sweet Buns.

I hadn't heard about this CBGB bartender, and frankly who cares.

To tell you the truth, there are so many long time Lower Eastsiders who are capitalizing off of our trendy neighborhood. Go figure.

Anonymous said...


I just think that they don't have much, because they don't have much. This is from a review on Yelp.

"I saw this shop on Yelp this morning and since it wasn't too far I decided to try it out. I read the menu online and decided on The Frenchie. Other than Rum Runners, they had either sold out of all the sweet and savory buns on the menu by 12:30pm or just never made any to begin with. They only had 4 flavors (which aren't on the menu): pumpkin, orange vanilla, bourbon vanilla, and cranberry buttercream. "

abrod said...

Yeah, bartender or not, I just figured I'd stop in and check it out before writing it off as yet another yuppie trap (surprise: it is). Perhaps it's the hipsters, they who too evolved and cultured to hold regular jobs, who partonize it midday?

Marty Wombacher said...

"I have to say that I never see anyone in Jane's Sweet Buns."

I'm as open-minded as the next person, but hey, some things should be kept private, behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

If you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding. How can you
have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat?

Apologies for that, somebody had to do it.
But seriously, serve an entree.

abrod said...

...and by partonize, I mean they sing country songs in cleavage-maximizing dresses.

Anonymous said...

Has nobody here ever walked by "rice to riches" on spring and mott? 1300 reviews on yelp and counting... all they sell is rice pudding and it's been around a couple years. Puddin' just might have a shot.

marjorie said...

OK, Marty's comment at 2:17 made me spit coffee on my monitor.

Rice to Riches is scary yummy. And really, the Puddin' (I can barely type that I hate the name so much) menu looks incredibly delicious, unlike the Jane's Sweet Buns menu which doesn't entice me even a teeny bit. We have dedicated mac n cheese and gelato and french fries and knishes, why NOT a dedicated pudding restaurant? Especially given that Rice to Riches has set a high bar of deliciousness. I am hopeful.

Jill said...

That rice pudding store is on a block that gets so much daytime shopping traffic, it's insane over there with tourists and shoppers and pointy elbows, you could probably open a store selling urine soaked tea cakes and people would buy them.

Anonymous said...

I went in the other day and I have to say there "puddin" was fantastic. They have a really nice staff, I hope they stick around for a while.