Monday, February 6, 2012

[UPDATED] DOH temporarily shutters that expensive club place that you'd likely never go to on East Houston

Earlier today, Julie Shapiro at DNAinfo reported that the DOH temporarily closed Open House, the newish club on East Houston just east of Avenue A. On Friday, the inspectors found 38 violation points, including "Live roaches present in facility's food and/or non-food areas."

The previous week, inspectors issued 52 points for violations including mice, roaches, contaminated food and issues with the bathroom and plumbing, DNAinfo pointed out.

Meanwhile, as Eater noted today, Stay Open just got some exposure via a feature in the Styles section of last Thursday's Times... the day before the DOH visit.

That article noted that people were grumbling about a two-hour wait to get in on a recent Friday. A few other excerpts from the Times:

Young women shed their furs and puffy coats to reveal sparkly dresses and tight miniskirts; their male counterparts sport button-downs and fleece. “It’s not a very cool crowd, but it would be a safe place to bring my brothers,” one patron said.



Bottle service is encouraged, with flavored vodkas starting at $250 and a magnum of Dom Pérignon capping things off at $1,200.

Per Eater, Open House is back open.


Anonymous said...

Going to the club in a button down + fleece = B & T trash, period. At least narcissistic skinny jean hipsters are more pleasant to look at.

glamma said...

good riddance
take that ish to mepa pls