Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More about Boukiés, opening next month on Second Avenue

[Bobby Williams]

We received a news release yesterday with more information about Boukiés, the new Greek eatery from restaurateur Christos Valtzoglou coming to Second Avenue and East Second Street...

A few highlights cut-n-paste from the news release...

• Valtzoglou has enlisted famed chef, Diane Kochilas, as Consulting Chef, along with Chef de Cuisine, Stefan Sanders, to design a menu rooted in delicious, modern variations of authentic Greek fare.

• Boukiés is slated to open in March.

• Culinary offerings at Boukiés, which means “small bites” in Greek, include classics like: Greek taverna mussel saganaki and unique regional dishes such as Thessaloniki eggplant “dolmas” with spiced ground meat, Volos-style shrimp and cauliflower with a twist, feta-filo flutes with Greek honey and more. Boukiés will offer only two main courses: grilled lamb chops and Greek grilled fish.

• Boukiés will be open daily for lunch and dinner, offering brunch on weekends and expanded outdoor dining when weather permits.



JM said...

I freakin hate this guy and shake my fist and him and his upcoming business. He helped and/or financed Ingrid from awesome (former E Village longtime tenant with insanely good fondue) restaurant Roetelle open Heartbreak, where she got a freakin' Michelin Star and then he promptly closed it w/o seeing if business would improve (it didn't seem horribly slow to begin with). For him to just open his own place in its place, yech yuck phooey.

Anonymous said...

I love Christos. I love his restaurant Pylos, a favorite neighborhood spot, and he is always charming and gracious. I wish him the best with this.

My only request: more vegetarian options!

- East Villager