Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life Cafe looks officially dead on 10th and B

After 30 years in business, Life Cafe abruptly closed "until further notice" last Sept. 11, as we first reported. Owner Kathy Kirkpatrick said that she'd stay closed until the landlords completed long overdue repairs.

Apparently we've seen the last of Life here: The for lease signs went up yesterday here on East 10th Street and Avenue B.

The listing isn't online just yet. We sent an email to Kirkpatrick last night for more details.



Anonymous said...

Oh no not another subway Costa starbucks or a alpa pan Poo frat bar RIP LIFE CAFE

Anonymous said...

I'd like to throw out the idea of Life Cafe taking over the space where Max is now (if indeed Max is still moving). Interesting layout, outdoor space, hopefully only one building owner. #keeplifealive

Laura Goggin Photography said...

What a shame. I hope they can re-open elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, let's be real here now, Life Cafe sucked! Yeah they were part of history of neighborhood etc. But the place died about 6 or 7 years ago. Overpriced, bad food, worse service and constantly changing staff combined with the legendarily terrible management gave the place no vibe at all. All well meaning folk but a disaster. The last few years were a death watch there. Now that it's gone, it's a lovefest. So why was it empty always when it was still going? Fake nostalgia doesn't fill up the cash register.

I wished that Life was this great, idyllic place that was authentically East Village, but it was hardly the case.

One can only hope that something good will come to this space.

randall said...

I guess "Until Further Notice" really means "Forever" these days.