Wednesday, February 22, 2012

EV Grieve Etc: Mourning Edition

A video tour of Anthony Pisano's Seventh Street apartment (Gothamist)

City may eliminate half the pre-K classes at two East Village schools (DNAinfo)

Andy Warhol's New York — 25 years later (The Village Voice)

Inside the last Times Square flophouse — the Elk Hotel (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

A new record from Joey Ramone 11 years after his death (Rolling Stone)

Why underage drinking in New York is on the rise (The Daily News)


glamma said...

that the city is spending billions of dollars on unnecessary, cosmetic pet projects (such as 40 mil for a puny little slip of the east tiver wasterfront) to attract more moneyed monsters, none of whose economic activity that is supposed to provide such a "needed boon" to city coffers, EVER seems to trickle down, is an absolute outrage as they cut even the most basic and vital of social programs. i am sick to death of the war on residents here.. wake up people! it is clear we are under very serious attack by this truly abominable administration.

Anonymous said...

Have you done any posts about the remodeling going on at Key Foods (A & 4th)? They're reworking the refrigerator cases behind the beer and putting in a new entry, all after they've moved the self-serve checkout from the doorway to the center. I'd be interested in hearing the full plans.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

@Anon - I asked a checker about that the other day and she said the entrance wasn't very accessible to wheelchairs. With the growing elderly population across the street, they may be trying to make it easier for people with walkers to get in. The checker said the old entrance also made it to easy to steal stuff. A few years ago, as a junkie convulsed and went down in an aisle (taking out an entire shelf of cleaning supplies), the paramedics struggled to get a gurney through the checkstand. That could also be an explanation.

I'm glad they're fixing up the beer area - it's smelled like moldy laundry for the last couple of years.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks, Goggla! Had been meaning to ask, to be honest...

Anonymous said...

A second Thanks Goggla!

I'm glad about the beer area too, it was really funky, in a bad way. The cardboard six packs would just fall apart in your hands from the ambient moisture they absorbed.

I've always thought the old entrance allowed for easy theft and poor accessibility. I also noticed that the 4 self-checkout stations only needed 2 people to keep an eye on them instead of 4 checkers. Good for the bosses, bad for neighborhood employment. Such is the way of progress.