Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life Cafe listing now online

Earlier today, we pointed out that a for lease sign has appeared in the window of the Life Cafe space on 10th Street and Avenue B.

NYREX has now posted the listing, though there isn't much information, such as the monthly rent for this prime space.

Owner Kathy Kirkpatrick closed the 30-year-old cafe last September ... while the two landlords completed long overdue repairs. Life "spans a space belonging to two different buildings with two different landlords whose dispute over the price of the work contract has prevented construction from starting," as The Villager reported last fall.


Anonymous said...

Who are the two landlords? I heard that Bob Perl of Tower is one. I love the way people try to
make him out to be an ok guy. You have got to be kidding me. He's one of the original gentrifiers. Bob does alot for the neighborhood.
You know, he along with Lyn Pentecost and a few others are on the board of The Howl Festival.

This summer organizers of HOWL gallingly hung a banner with Allenn Ginsberg's portrait on it from the building on the corner of 1st and 9th Street. The gut renovation is almost complete. The landlord for this one is Icon Realty Management which is owned by Terrence Lowenberg and Todd Cohen. Icon has been running an illegal hotel on East 10th Street called the Hotel Toshi.

Shame on the landlords.

Melanie said...

I will miss the Life was a scene of many cool times with my best friend and my brother. I loved the tofu scramble and their giant salad and my bff loved the mega burrito. My brother's fave was the Mid Eastern plate. I hope they open elsewhere. I wish them the best from a long time customer.

Anonymous said...

Shame on people like Lyn P and other members of HOWL for cozying up to the real estate industry and building luxury housing in a neighborhood that really needs more affordable housing for working class people. I'm wondering if Shaoul will be a sponsor of the next HOWL festival now that he has a building on east 10th Street.

Anonymous said...


They HAVE opened elsewhere. Brooklyn. Been there there for years.