Monday, February 20, 2012


Via an interview from the Daily News real-estate section the other day with BOND senior vice president Mary Lou Currier:

What’s your next hottest nabe in NYC?
The East Village/Bowery. It’s really heating up and getting fancier. I consider the East Village the last "authentic" neighborhood in NYC.


Anonymous said...

Really, it's just "heating up" now? Is that why Gene Kaufman's 347 Bowery design is so shitty, because it's undercooked?


The East Village is no longer authentic because of the "heating up and getting fancier."

I was out last night with some friends and we were discussing what a nightmare the neighborhood has become, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Why you ask?

Because of large groups of people randomly walking into traffic and dudes and bros throwing trash cans into the streets and packs of idiotic young women woo-hooing at EVERYTHING they walk by. It's a miracle we don't have more taxis crashing into buildings a la Hearth.

It's like someone dumped JC Penney's version of "hip" and "trendy" people by the thousands into an "up and coming" neighborhood. They look cheap, they act cheaper and they are destroying the very FABRIC of our neighborhood.

Anyway, we certainly don't need jack-offs like this talking about authenticity.

dwg said...

They've hyped the EV as the place to be and developers have acted accordingly. It's a playground. A place to drink and eat and spend a lot of money on rent. That's the new character of the East Village. It's a done deal. Any other attributes are history. Which is pretty much the story for NYC. People of all incomes used to be able to make a go of it. That was the beauty. That mix. Now there's othing affordable about it. It's become a one note city.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I despise real estate people so much. Does that woman not see how idiotic her statement is? Talking about "an authentic neighborhood" "getting fancier..." That makes it no longer "authentic," miss Currier. Barf.

Anonymous said...

Time to colonize Philly? tons of cheap/vacant housing, crime high enough to scare off most folks, corrupt, old school government, definitely no trust funders, unless they live around center city..

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Chinatown's pretty authentic too, Mary Lou, with all those Chinese people walking around and those restaurants with shiny ducks in the window. And hot too with all those woks fired up with the Sichuan peppers and stuff!

Maneki Neko said...

You in flip-flop! You go home now!

Michael C said...

I agree. EV really stink on weekends. And I live in the heart of it. On Fri/Sat, I find solace studying at a cafe or just staying home. I think Avenue C, now that it has passed its hyped-up peak, is actually a nice and quiet alternative for people living in the EV.

Dave - Everywhere said...

It's all over. Now that the real estate industry has proclaimed EV as " authentic" all the plastic people will flock there in even greater numbers. Because what's more authentic than being told - "this is authentic"?

Shawn said...

Folks, folks, this was an article from The Onion.

Everything she said was supposed to be taken as ridiculous and silly.

Look again.

Crazy Eddie said...

Holy Republican Congressman Rep. John Fleming! But I still think Liberation's post rocks.

Anonymous said...

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