Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Not just the Holiday: Pirate Brands founder bought all of 75 St. Mark's Place

Last Wednesday, we first reported that Robert Ehrlich, the founder of Pirate Brands, is taking over the Holiday Cocktail Lounge space. (We're still waiting to hear back from him.) He will go before the CB3/SLA committee on Monday.

Yesterday, the Observer noted that Ehrlich bought the whole building at 75 St. Mark's Place where the Holiday lived.

Per the Observer:

According to Corcoran broker Dan Brady, who held the listing with his colleague Nick Arnold, Mr. Ehrlich will not be moving in. Instead, he plans to keep the space as is: four floor-through apartments with a commercial unit on the ground floor. Will there be a Pirate Shop occupying the hallowed, beer-baptized grounds of the former Holiday Cocktail Lounge? A Pirate Bar? A bar with pirate booty snacks? Whatever it is, it probably won’t hold a candle to the timeless bacchanal that was the Holiday Cocktail Lounge.

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Anonymous said...

ironic- when other people (people you don't like, young people, who you I'm sure once were) have drunken bacchanals you threaten to shut the place down. Do you love an excessive party or hate an excessive party? I'm afraid it's quite difficult to be on both sides of the line here. Even if there is some woo-wooing involved.

randall said...

@ anon 9:31.

I think it has more to do with the type of clientele rather than the "bacchanal."

Anonymous said...

Apparently that guy is no longer the owner of the company and sold it off a few years ago

Hey19 said...

@ Randall -
Ah so it is the type of clientele. I guess if you had it your way, different types of people would have different water fountains to drink out of, including different neighborhoods they can go to for dinner and a drink.

Maybe there should be a door man for the EV, only letting in the "righ" types of people. Or if not as official as a door man, just a "gentleman's agreement" to exclude undesirables.

Jeremiah Moss said...

because racism and governmental withholding of human rights is exactly the same thing as disliking yuppies and hipsters.