Wednesday, February 1, 2012


EV Grieve reader Spike sent along this deal of a lifetime from over at Billy Hurricane's on Avenue B...

So basically: "For just $50 (a steal), you and up to 24 friends can have an hour-long party with five drinks per person, plus a large sampler of buffalo wings, Cajun tater tots, and sweet-potato fries."

Per the offer at Gilt City, this is 90 percent off the ticket price of $525.

Let's do some math — that's 125 drinks in 60 minutes for $50.

Hurry, though — the offer at Gilt City ends this morning at 10.


glamma said...

And don't forget your hazmat suit for when you have to walk by this abominable sh*thole.

Spike said...

We should totally have an EV Grieve readers get-together/symposium here!

Goggla said...

Forget the 24 friends!

dwg said...

Finally a five drink/60 minute challenge I can get behind. Long overdue. This makes sense on so many levels. Including hospitalization.

randall said...

"part bayou bordello"

Sweet. I've been looking for a good whorehouse in NYC.

I wonder if whomever wrote that has any idea what a bordello actually is.

Though they do seem to put the word bacchanalia in a proper context.