Friday, February 10, 2012

Reader report: Rue B back open tomorrow

EV Grieve reader Ann sent along this photo earlier tonight... Reliable sources say that Rue B here on Avenue B between 11th Street and 12th Street will be back open tomorrow. There are electrical and plumbing issues from the upstairs apartment, we hear...


Shawn Chittle said...

Rue B is a local-friendly, jazz lounge that respects and caters to the people in the 'hood. While the drinks are sophisticated and the bar decor second to none, it has ZERO pretention, and welcomes everyone. I just love this place.

Hope they open and stay open as scheduled.

Rue B! The place to B!

faces said...

Rue B is easily my favorite neighborhood joint. It's far and away my favorite brunch in the city ($12 prix fixe brunch with a drink, for the love of god), it's one of my top 5 date spots (cocktails and live jazz? they may as well hand out condoms on the way in), and it's two blocks from my place.