Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Evening, 2012

Photos by Matt LES_Miserable.


Anonymous said...

Just buy something other than roses, which suffer ridiculously inflated prices on this day, besides being such an obvious cliché.

- East Villager

Matt_LES said...

Don't normally say mean things, but: poster above- stfu. If you are going to say such things,!have at least a blush of irony. Jesus. Is this what we've come to.

Anonymous said...

lol, Matt. Now you kiss and make up with anonymous 9:14!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

must buy roses
must feel romantic
must follow hive mind

this is the most ham-fisted of all corporate holidays. Every "v-day" I get the douche chills seeing how unabashedly conformist people are.

Anonymous said...

Seemed like good advice to me. You can express affection just as well with other flowers, after all. Or in other ways altogether.

- Isaac

Anonymous said...

"Miserable" indeed!

Best wishes,
- East Villager


The line was like this from 3PM to at least 9PM. Frozen roses ahoy!

Crazy Eddie said...

What did my mentor, Al Bundy, do for V Day? Back in HS, when Al was romantic:
“I love your Hooters, I love your ass, let’s say we meet after class.”