Friday, May 4, 2012


From the Village Pourhouse Facebook page:

What are YOU doing on Cinco de Mayo? If your answer remotely resembles "traveling to multiple downtown bars while drinking awesomely cheap tequila & beer specials and wearing a sombrero/mustache" then you belong with us at Village Pourhouse!

What's the over/under on Saturday, May 5 being more of a shitshow than Saturday, March 17?


Uncle Waltie said...


esquared said...

Just tweeted that the EV will be a mess tomorrow:

-FA Cup
-OWS march
-Cinco de Mayo
-Kentucky Derby
-The Avengers.

Oh my.

Makeout said...

MF! I hate working these shifts. I'm gonna go 3 to 1 this year.

Anonymous said...

Umm... Cinco de Mayo is a yearly non-starter. All previous attempts to transform this holiday into a drinking event on par with St. Pats have failed miserably.

Pub crawls or no pub crawls you're more likely to see women wearing large hats drinking mint juleps than sombreros and Negro Modelos tomorrow.


Those birds look shady! Perhaps they're on our side and will peck out the eyes of the drunken masses!

Crazy Eddie said...

Or as Bill Maher said on his show tonight, it is also the 20th anniversary of the LA Rodney King riots. So why not celebrate both and have a Rodney King piñata on your bar crawl. Or words to that effect.

Uncle Waltie said...

Anonymous at 5:08 PM was right on the money. I saw exactly one person in a sombrero.

Anonymous said...

I regret not taking photos of the La Chiva party bus yesterday afternoon. The bus idled outside my apartment on E Fifth Street outside Ace Bar for 30 minutes, and dozens of obnoxious drunks ran out of the bar and danced in the street. Anyone else see this?