Friday, September 2, 2016

The Peter Cooper Block Party is tomorrow (Saturday!)

Via the EVG inbox...

Peter Cooper Block Party
Free & Open to the Public

Saturday, Sept. 3
Noon-5 pm

7 East 7th St., Outside Cooper Union's Foundation Building

Development, construction, demolition, re-development, re-construction, re-demolition, un-re-development, re-un-construction, de-un-remolition...Amidst the dust, it's hard to know: what's going on here?

- - -

About Peter Cooper Block Party 2016

The Block Party is a relatively new tradition of coming together to celebrate, reconnect, and showcase the ongoing work of the Cooper community.

The theme of this year's Peter Cooper Block Party is a provocation:

“Under Construction:"

And a question:

"What’s Going On Here?”

2016 marks the completion of a decade’s worth of private and public redevelopments — architectural, financial, and cultural — at and around Cooper and the Astor Place area. This year’s celebration bears witness to the unfolding impact of these changes.

This year's programming also takes on an additional charge:

Reflecting while in motion.

Let's! Yet! Both!

- - -


This family-friendly event will feature many alumni, student, and faculty projects, live music and performances, informational materials about the state of the Cooper Union and the re-development of Astor Place, a bouncy house and family craft table, and light refreshments.

More details here.


Anonymous said...

Is that LinkNYC?

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what any of that was supposed to mean


It's an event where they'll explain how public space, art and community culture can be an improved, positive, inclusive experience when corporations act as the cultural gatekeepers and tastemakers. Sponsored by Starbucks, CVS, and Choptd.

Amanda Burden-Christ will kick off the event by landing on her newly revamped Astor Place lunar landscape in a Buzz Aldrin inspired space ship. Can't wait!!!

Scuba Diva said...

Ah! Tomorrow—I thought I had missed it!

Anonymous said...

Even google translate doesn't know what all that gibber jabber means....

blue glass said...

the whole thing sounds like self promotion and the website is a fundraiser

cmarrtyy said...

PR-speak. And these are the people who control the EV and the political system? That's the problem... they have little connection to the people who vote them in. I walk through the new construction at least twice a day and at night the plaza across from the dorm is filthy and filled with bikers, boarders and homeless... with lots of cardboard and food containers strewn about... and NOBODY cleans it up. It's looking more like a landfill than a plaza. How bad is this whole project????????

Anonymous said...

I walk through there at night also and it is, indeed, a mess. The plaza is not a Parks Dept project, so I would guess it be theSanitation Dept's responsibility to clean it. Grace Church School has taken the lead in moving the chairs and tables but no one seems to take care of the plaza below Astor Place. It's even worse on weekends when there are more users and no one cleaning up for days.

Also, there is too little lighting on the walkway below 7th St at night.

cmarrtyy said...


Just to add to your remarks... I was involved in building a performing art center in NJ. We fought for months over the issue of trash collection in the building and with the town on who was responsible for the pick up and the street cleaning around the building. At Astor Pace it seems nobody thought about it at all. And the worse part is that all the businesses along the Bowery leave their trash at the curb for the homeless to riffle through and then gets blown back on the plaza. God, what a mess of incompetency. Can somebody post the names of the committee that put his together so we can put the blame on them.

Anonymous said...

There is a trash can @ Astor Place and another @ 4th St, none in between - 4 blocks! I recall there were a couple for a few days, then they disappeared. This makes no sense at all.

Anonymous said...

12:02 - those trash cans keep filling up and needed to be emptied. So we got rid of them. Too much work.

Anonymous said...

We all know what PR speak is, and this gibberish is not it. PR speak is smarmy, cliche-ridden, and usually a grammatical and syntaxical mess, yet generally understandable ... this is someone working overtime to sounds artsy and clever but who just sounds high as a kite.

anyway, did anyone go to this thing? sorry, I mean did anyone reflect at this provocation?