Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Taking a look at 52E4, and where the Moby mobile may park

I've been trying to avoid the construction hell on the Bowery between Third Street and Fourth Street, the stretch that will soon be home to the new 52 East 4th Street -- feel free to refer to it as 52E4 here on out!

Now that the construction has quieted down a bit, it's time to revisit the spot and enjoy exactly what's going up in this luxurious 15-story condo. The promo photos, previously available on the 52E4 Web site, are up for the unwashed masses to see. Let's take a look!

You have your roof deck and pool and, as various commenters have pointed out, no Cooper Square Hotel blocking your Midtown views...

And whatever this is.

And this is the best: The parking spot, where soon-to-be-tenant Moby will keep it real and park his Moby mobile.

Not sure exactly where the parking spaces will be kept. I'm assuming on East Fourth Street then...?

Anyway, the 59R2ERW site has more details. And images.

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Bowery Boogie said...

this monstrosity is out of place. that's my ride, by the way.

EV Grieve said...

I'd totally live here -- as long as the bathroom was in full view of the neighborhood.