Friday, May 6, 2011

Fat Sal's is open now on Avenue A

Here's at the former APizzA spot on Avenue A, the fifth NYC location of Fat Sal's opened yesterday.

Also, for the record... we once noted a reader's concern about the pizzeria's new ventilation blower that was really going to "suck (or blow) big time" (heh) ... However, the reader has noted that Fat Sal's has been a very good neighbor since moving in, and they even spent extra money on a less-noisy ventilation system...

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Fat Sal's coming to Avenue A


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

What else can you do when your name is Fat Sal? Sell books? Vintage Clothing? Open a Nail Salon?

glamma said...

"Well, as you can see,
it sucks as it cuts."

"It certainly does suck!"

long live wayne's world!

Marty Wombacher said...

I wonder if this guy is any relation to Fat Al from the Half Empty Glass?

Trixie said...

So, how's the pizza?