Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Superdive's liquor license has expired

Actually, the license for Rapture Cafe & Books has expired... In any event, Shawn Chittle sent along this page from the State Liquor Authority, noting that the license for 200 Avenue A expired on Saturday....

Meanwhile, on this month's CB3/SLA docket:


• To be Determined (Not A Bookstore LLC), 200 Ave A (trans/op) (Superdive)

The art gallery with a full liquor license is back. Last month, the committee told them to do more (and better!) community outreach.

However, now that the license for the space has expired, this can no longer be considered a transfer... and "Not a Bookstore LLC" would have to apply for a new liquor license. And a new liquor license in these parts of Avenue A? Good luck.

Previously on EV Grieve:
CB3 didn't approve a liquor license for Superdive; "a nice neighborhood Internet café-bookstore" becomes a bar with keg service at tables


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

What happens after a liquor license expires? Is it buried forever or can it be resurrected on the third day?

glamma said...

"not a bookstore ll" is kind of a giant Eff You to the neighborhood and the CB3, given the current climate...