Thursday, November 3, 2011

76 Third Ave. slated for demolition; will we ever know what was behind those curtains?

We've been writing here and there about the future of 74-76 Third Ave. Nevada Smith's, the current tenant at 74, is slated to move up the block to 100 Third Ave. As for next door, at the former Yummy House...

EV Grieve reader Grieving noted: "According to the DOB website, the permit to tear down the first of these two buildings was issued last week. Don't know if they are taking them down in piecemeal or waiting for the Nevada Smith's lease to run out to take them both down."

Indeed, there is a permit, dated Oct. 24, for "FULL DEMOLITION OF A 5 STORY BUILDING USING MECH. MEANS."

Meanwhile, any final guesses what is/was behind those two single windows and grubby curtains in the floors above the old Yummy House?

I'm going with 24,400 cases of old Yummy House menus.

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Marty Wombacher said...

I think ET was squatting in there.

nygrump said...

Enough of this piecemeal crap - get a line of bulldozers at 14th street and just plow the east village under. lets just get it over with.

blue glass said...

i've been thinking the same thing. however, in my scenario we all get paid a lot of money to let them in,