Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[Updated] Check out the progress at St. Brigid's: bricks and glass, oh my

Wow. We're now getting a look at the Eighth Street side of St. Brigid's without the construction netting and plywood... this photo is from @dens .... as he notes: "new brick, new glass, looks amazing!"

Yes it does.

One more from @dens...

Dave on 7th sends along this shot:



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Dave on 7th said...

Just to note: that's not new brick, that's brownstone
and I think it might be the original brownstone cladding
that had been hidden by the stucco covering.
that entire wall was removed and rebuilt with
cinder block and reclad with the brownstone.
the roof is new copper.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks, Dave. The Villager had a piece last summer on the church having its original 1848 look....


Both the west and north facades (what everyone from the street sees) of the building are going to be sheathed in cast brownstone slabs, more or less restoring the look of what was there when the church was first built in 1848. They are working on this now, and roughly a quarter of the north wall has already been installed. The original north wall had to be completely demolished and rebuilt as part of the process of restoring structural stability to the church. This necessitated filling the entire church interior with scaffolding in order to support the roof during this reconstruction. But it was a big improvement over the original repair plan to simply re-stucco the existing facade.

Joe Jusko said...

This really warms my heart!