Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[Updated] City temporarily closes Affaire on Avenue B

A tipster notes that the city temporarily closed Affaire, 50 Avenue B at Fourth Street, for operating without a "permit." Not sure what kind of permit. (According to the State Liquor Authority, the bistro/lounge has an active license through September 2012.) We'll see if we can find out some more information here shortly...

Update: An Affaire rep called it a "bureaucratic hiccup."

UPDATED: They are back open


esquared™ said...

maybe the permit for their burlesuqe Wednesdays

Anonymous said...

Most likely their Health Permit had some tiny glitch making it invalid ~ like a spelling error...Not kidding, have been through similar stuff with them. NYC Restaurants should band together to fight this bureaucratic nightmare of a department.