Friday, December 9, 2011

DOB puts a full Stop Work Order on 11-17 Second Avenue

As DNAinfo first reported Wednesday afternoon, a worker at the site of the demolition of 9-17 Second Avenue suffered a leg injury after being struck by falling debris. Witnesses had said the injury did not appear to be serious.

City inspectors arrived on the scene Wednesday afternoon...

According to the DOB: "Hazardous conditions observed at site."

As you can see, the DOB says that a 16-by-20-foot piece of debris struck the worker. "STOP ALL WORK."

The buildings — including the Mars Bar space — are being demolished to make way for a 12-story apartment complex.


[All photos by Bobby Williams on Wednesday afternoon]


Media glut said...

I wonder if these are rather not as experienced underpaid workers rather than higher paid, better equipped others more experienced with such work.

Spike said...

So what your saying is there is still hope in saving Mars Bar?!?

esquared™ said...

Read this as 7-11. Man, that'd been nice if DOB put a stop work order or stop opening on 7-11 athe Bowery.

LiberationNYC said...

Why's RUN DMC on the roof?

Anonymous said...


When you need to clear out all the sucker MC's, you call the experts.