Sunday, May 6, 2012

People's Pops now open; something else to stand in line for on Seventh Street

People are apparently popping by the People's Pops pop-up Popsicle stand (sorry!) ... which opened this past week on Seventh Street near First Avenue.

Apparently summer is here. But we still think it will snow one more time before June.


[Photo by Bobby Williams]


blue glass said...

i hate to admit that some of their ice pops are great (some not so).
but they are way too expensive.
and artisanal leaves me cold, oops, no pun intended.

and what fruit is in season now besides california strawberries which are not local.

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke? So sick of these people moving to NYC to do stupid shit like this. Can't they do this back home in Kansas? If I want a $5 popsicle I'll make it at home with Absolute.

Uncle Waltie said... least they're preoccupied with popsicles, which should keep them out of my lair.

James C. Taylor said...

Unless you're freezing Evian isn't ice always local?

Anonymous said...

What is "shave ice" supposed to mean? Is that some kind of order? If you want my business then don't boss me. Sorry I just don't care for bad syntax for the sake of being different.

Anonymous said...

By the way Summer is in fact NOT here yet.

randall said...

@ Anon 12:03.

"Shave Ice" is actually a Hawaiian version of a snow cone-y thing. Not some d-bag hipster creation. Co-option propbably, but not creation. Probably "shave ice" and not "shaved ice" because of Hawaiian pidgin.