Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why there could be a long, hot summer at 140-150 E. Seventh St.

Last Friday, we noticed that workers had erected a really long stretch of sidewalk bridges along 140-150 E. Seventh St. between Avenue A and Avenue B...

A resident filled us in on what's happening... Short version: to address leaks, the landlords are sealing up the wall sleeves for air conditioners instead ... and are asking residents to purchase window units (which the landlord will kick in $200 for...)

This development isn't sitting so well with some residents.

There are memos.

First, from the landlord. The following arrived after the sidewalk bridge was up and confusing residents. (Someone already scribbled his or her disapproval on the note.)

[Click to enlarge]

An excerpt:

We will be removing your Wall AC Unit and seal up the hole that is left. A $200 credit will be given for your purchase of a Window AC Unit. JRC Supers will handle the installation free of charge.

There will be dust and debris from the work performed. Please be sure to keep your windows closed if workers are nearby or if you leave your apartment.

And here is response from a resident (or residents).

[Click to enlarge]

An excerpt:

If the landlord takes each tenants' AC wall unit away, is not this a reduction in services? Would that not equal a reduction in rent?

How is it we should be asked to keep our windows closed for THREE MONTHS and have our air conditioner (some of us have purchased our own wall units) taken away just as the HOT months of summer are beginning for a mere $200 credit.

Also, is this considered a Major Capital Increase that will benefit the landlord only, and ultimately cause our RENTS to be RAISED?

Anyway, here's how it all might look one day.



Our tipster says that the landlords are pretty cool, and are generally responsive ... It's a good place to live, though this situation is setting up for a long, hot summer at 140-150 E. Seventh St.


Anonymous said...

i have a feeling a lot of tenants will be breaking their leases over this.

Kurt said...

I already see a number of window units in this picture. Not having the ability to open your windows sucks but being given a $200 subsidy to buy a new air conditioner is more than fair.

And if someone wants to break their lease over this I can assure you there are 3 people right behind them that will take the apartment.

tiny tim said...

$200 towards an air conditioner isn't that bad a deal. They make them more energy efficient these days too so there might be some savings in electric costs. As a suburban dweller who has lived with window units my whole life, i've never seen water come in around the accordian sides and if they are concerned with people breaking in they can do what I've always done and saw some wood to wedge between the top of the window that's opening and the window frame. No one will be able to open the window then.

I think that this is probably outrage over nothing.

Anonymous said...

doing it in the summer months is hardship for the tenants who pay low and high rents

Jeff said...

This is the email I sent to the landlords about this. Gotta agree with the headline, my first thought was "what, during July?!"

>The switch from wall-to-window units will only hurt both the residents and the owners.

>The residents are hurt by having our park view reduced, safety
compromised, and greater maintenance involved.

>The owners are hurt as the buildings will look like junk from the outside with all different window units sticking out, and poorer reception by tenants to having an obstructed view.

>This move is a lose-lose for everybody, so why can't it be reversed before it's too late?

Anonymous said...

What's the problem? $200 can certainly buy a good replacement unit, and probably more energy-efficient, so will save the tenants money in the long run. This kind of complaining is silly.

As an aside, air conditioning may well become a luxury in the near future as energy costs rise. Air conditioning also has various negative effects on environment and health. Houses should once again be designed to utilize natural cooling methods. Furthermore, we should just work less and take it easy in the hot months....Air conditioning, after all, was first introduced to make us all work more by keeping places of employment cooler in the summer. All technologies have their hidden costs and unintended consequences, and must be subsequently reevaluated.

- East Villager

Anonymous said...

P.S. Window air conditioning units are ugly as hell.

- East Villager

Anonymous said...

FYI the landlord is reconsidering the project. no further details were advised when questioned.

Anonymous said...

all hail community pressure!

(i just love using exclamation marks indiscriminately)