Monday, November 19, 2012

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning Edition

[Avenue A and East 12th Street via Bobby Williams]

Sidewalk fire on Broadway and East 11th Street last evening — in video! (BoweryBoogie)

City suspends residential evictions this week (New York State ... via Matt_LES)

First look at the opportunity to develop SPURA (The Lo-Down)

Sex Diary of a 26-year-old East Village resident: Bed surfing post Sandy (New York, Daily Intel)

An assessment of the new Bill's (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

Bloomberg is kind of a dick (Runnin' Scared)


- CAS said...

That 'Bed Surfing Diary' is written like a bad letter to Penthouse magazine. Is that a window into the mind of Woo?

Makeout said...

@ CAS- I can't believe I read that shit either.

EV Grieve said...

Heh. The EVG inbox is buzzing with that Sex Diary piece... Has that Harold Robbins "Lonely Lady" vibe to it. What's Pia Zadora doing anyway?

Crazy Eddie said...

Blowing Santa Claus? Times are tough!

- CAS said...

@ Makeout, I started reading it at work, and then felt dirty. If this is what The Woo is after, then perhaps they can be persuaded to find it somewhere else other than the East Village...

Anonymous said...

That sex diary was so obnoxious. Glad this bitch was totally fucking every guy in town while I was being flooded out of my house. Her tone is so smug. Big deal- you have sex, we all do- stop being so proud of yourself and go back to Ohio or the suburbs or wherever they syndicate SATC.

Anonymous said...

I would have preferred black out sex in the sex diaries, candles maybe? Dirty from lack of a hot shower.
And yes, Mayor Bloomberg is a dick.

glamma said...

i am convinced that bloomberg is trying to eradicate or diminish certain strains of new yorkers.
at this point i put nothing past that man.
and did you see his is trying to force the owners of the wonder wheel to surrender it to the city?? unspeakable.
he just wants to get his grubby little paws on every single piece of authentic NY, i guess to sell it off or erase it entirely.
what a small and hateful man.