Friday, July 12, 2013

S'MAC has closed its kiosk in First Park

[January 2012]

S'MAC opened a satellite location in the First Avenue/Houston kiosk back in January 2012.

However, as of July 5, S'MAC has vacated the premises. Here's their official word:

Dear Customers and Neighbors,

The First Park location of S’MAC is now closed. We are sad to see it go and enjoyed our time there but we can still satisfy your mac & cheese cravings at our two other locations that are going strong!

East Village
345 East 12th Street (btw 1st and 2nd Ave)

Murray Hill
157 East 33rd Street (btw 3rd Ave and Lexington)

Thanks so much for your patronage over the past 1.5 years!

The S'MAC Team

S'MAC took over for Veselka at the First Avenue/Houston kiosk.

Meanwhile, a reader has already noted the following in the Park:

With S'Mac closed, the part of First Park that housed it — along with all the benches where regular people hung out — is now chained shut. I hope this isn't going to last until a new business takes over — it's a PARK & should be a public space!


Anonymous said...

I wondered why the park was closed. There shouldn't be any business operating there. Where are the people who are so concerned about which business opens where?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the space is being chained until the S'MAC folks get all their supplies and machinery out and dismantle any signage, etc.

I ate there a couple of times. Delicious stuff!

Caesar Ekya said...

Hey guys - we turned the park over to the Parks dept and were told that they would take over opening/closing duties for the park. It must have taken a few days for word to filter down to the park crew, but this morning when I went by it was open and being cleaned.

We're still trying to find another local vendor to take the kiosk over - someone better suited to that location than we were.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Bring back the Veselka kiosk!

And come on, yeah, there shouldn't be a MASA kiosk there or something, but parks are for people and people need to eat. Let's let go of this notion that any kind of commercial activity on public land is necessarily evil. It's not a goddamn charter school, sponging off the commonweal for profit and to undermine unionized public employees. It's a small business that provides a useful service to people enjoying public space.

Anonymous said...

Just want some good coffee and breakfast goods! How about Bluebird from across the street on 1st or Think Coffee/The Bean?

Anonymous said...

Might as well used the kiosk for a CitiBike docking station. or a froyo shop. or a biscuit place. or a bar. A one-stop shop for the bros and narcissists.

jb said...

Every time I went to S'mac they were kind of rude an uninterested, not to mention that it's a spot that should be focused on grabbing coffee & sandwiches quickly. The Veselka folks were always more friendly. This place needs a good little cafe and it would bump. Awesome location right by the subway.

Hungry Hippo said...

It's not Central Park where one can walk for miles, it's a 20 by 20 foot space (OK, maybe a little more) right next to a whole bunch of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, supermarkets, bodegas. WTF does it need with an in-park eatery?

Welcome to the privatization of the US.

Anonymous said...

Tuck Shop on 1st st is a good breakfast place, their coffee's pretty good and they have breakfast pies.

Caesar Ekya said...

We are indeed talking to mostly coffee shops to take the space over as we think that would be the best fit.

Think Coffee and The Bean both declined to take the spot. We didn't talk to Blue Bird cause I don't think they would want to cannibalize sales from their location so close by.

Should know more in a couple weeks.


Anonymous said...

It could be cool to rotate the vendors and have different neighborhood shops sell coffee. Change them out every four months, like a pop up shop. But please, no biscuits! ;)

Anonymous said...

Can you give some numbers on what is the rent, how long is the lease, and are there any required opening hours?

Philip Trevino said...

I would love to see MUD coffee take it over.

Anonymous said...

Mud! yes! I vote for MUD!

Anonymous said...

what about the guys from dessert truck ? they served good coffee and great dessert. also they had some interesting sandwiches towards their final days. sad to see it go