Wednesday, July 17, 2013

St. John's coming to 51 Astor Place?

St. John’s University is looking to lease space at 51 Astor Place, Lois Weiss at the Post reports today. As she notes, the building needs to rent about 50,000 square feet to a school to fulfill zoning requirements.

Not a done deal, though.

But sources said the cost for the Fumihiko Maki-designed space is roughly $90 a square foot, and is not sitting well with some of the school insiders, who have been mortified by financial scandals that rocked the school over the last year and feel the high tab is not in keeping with its Catholic roots.

The school is selling its campus location in Tribeca, Weiss reported.


Anonymous said...

Space will not be used to teach Theology or Philosophy classes my guess MBA program with its pricey per credit course expense. Wall St types get right off the Lex line..90 a square foot may be a bargain against 1,110 per credit hour Jesus was no communist.

Anonymous said...

Give the Jesuits a Death Star of their own and all Manhattan will tremble before them.

Anonymous said...

St Johns has one of the best photography fine arts program in the city. They have no equal in the city in terms of getting local city kids a fine arts photography degree, subsidized with tons of financial aid. I will welcome them into the hood if they use the space to bring these wonderful kids closer to NYC cultural landmarks...I know these kids, and I know what they are being taught, and it is the best choice for a poor kid in the city, with talent, who wants to study photography as a fine art... but who has no money... And if anyone thinks they are brainwashed with Catholic religious propaganda, I can tell you from first hand experience that they are not