Monday, August 10, 2015

5-week old restaurant space now on the market

After just five weeks in business, Long Bay, the reasonably priced Vietnamese restaurant, shut its doors at 503 E. Sixth St. just east of Avenue A.

We heard that there was some disagreement among the owners ... that it was possible the place would reopen.

Apparently that isn't happening now that the "for sale" signs arrived in the front windows last Friday ... Not clear if the business is for sale or the space is for rent — or both!


Anonymous said...

Five weeks may be the new record.

Anonymous said...

Such a bummer! This place had seriously great Vietnamese food and the nicest people running it. Nothing can make it in this neighborhood anymore. :/

Terry said...

Not was Nicky of the bahn mi shop on second street. It was great but I doubt it was even open 5 weeks. They hadn't gotten their full menu yet.