Monday, June 18, 2018

Hot Kitchen will no longer offer deliveries

If you've walked by Hot Kitchen on Second Avenue near Sixth Street in the past few days, then you likely noticed the above sign on the restaurant's front door...


We have been providing authentic Sichuan food to our dearest patrons for over 7 years and pride ourselves in Sichuan culture. We are now excited to introduce you to 2 great symbols of Sichuan cuisine:


Sichuan Street Kebabs

These dishes give you the option of selecting from a various range of barebecue skewers of seasoned meats and vegetables or you can order seasoned meats and vegetables that you can cook in a spciy broth. This will be available for order all day, but due to the interactive mode of preparing this meal it will not be available for pick up or delivery.

While we revamped our menu we decided to keep the most popular options from our best value daily lunch specials for dine in and pick up between 12-4:30 pm. We regret to inform you that HOT KITCHEN will no longer be offering delivery serivces.

We look forward to being the first to serve you traditional Sichuan, ChuanChuanXiang and Sichuan Street Kebabs and introducing you to a new flavor of China.

Interesting (and bold?) move ... unless deliveries didn't make up much of their overall revenue and/or they didn't want to keep using third-party restaurant delivery services that take fees and commissions.

Thanks to Perri Silver for the photo!


Anonymous said...

They didn't deliver lunch anyway so this is not a huge change.

Anonymous said...

A New York City Chinese restaurant that does not deliver? In the immortal words of Vince Lombardi, What the hell is going on out here?

Anonymous said...

They’ve also changed their tables from 2 tops and combos to 4/6 top hot pot tables. As someone who very often lunched there alone, the new setup is very off-putting. Sitting side by side at the 2 tops, strangers exchanged conversation. Now each diner is an island unto themselves.
Another restaurant to scratch off my list..So disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Tsk. This place blew my mind (and my taste buds) when it opened. Seemed to my family that quality went down after a few years -- maybe there was a change in ownership? Regardless, we stopped ordering -- in part because of a few iffy experiences, in part because my spouse grew sick of the same dishes. They really revolutionized East Village Chinese cuisine, though. Wishing them well.

KeyFood4Eva said...

@10:49 AM, I used to get lunch delivered multiple times a week. Even though their food was solid, their service left much to be desired.