Saturday, June 23, 2018

Little League playoff game delayed 45 minutes while a red-tailed hawk ate a pigeon

EVG reader Maite Castillo shares this photo and story ...

My son plays in the Junior Division of Peter Stuyvesant Little League. Today was their 1st playoff game at Murry Bergtraum Softball Field (161 Cherry St.).

The game was delayed, for approximately 45 minutes, by a local red-tailed hawk who brought its prey (a pigeon) to clean on the field's backstop.

We all stood around watching pigeon feathers rain down onto home plate. The Ump said “Well, this is a first for me!”

The hawk was unflappable and maintained his perch as the game restarted.

In the end, the Metropolitans defeated the Empires.

As for the hawk, he or she eventually moved over to perch on a streetlamp across the street, behind the bleachers, for, as Maite put it, "a bird-seye view of the game."


Brian said...

Pigeon meat is much healthier than the hotdogs or orange slices offered at these games, and don't get me started on Gatorade.

JQ LLC said...

If pigeon meat was so healthy, where is the food truck or artisan eatery looking for a liquor license for selling it.

Eden Bee said...

Fowl Ball. Nyuk nyuk!

7 said...


Gojira said...

Feathering the ball?