Friday, June 29, 2018

Pet lizard on a lease prompts 911 call

Over on Broadway and 13th Street this afternoon, the sight of a lizard on a leash prompted a 911 call.

As the Daily News reported, the caller "reported a vicious 'alligator or lizard' to authorities."

A user of the Citizen app captured some video.

"You can pet him," says the voice, presumably of the lizard’s owner.

One brave young man saunters up to the lizard to give it a little pat on the head — then promptly rubs sanitizer on his hands from a bottle conveniently placed beside the beast.

Anyway, as history shows again and again...


Jazz Raccoon said...

I thought this was going to be a story about a dispute between a lizard and a landlord. Disappointed.

JQ LLC said...

I like how people exaggerate on 911 calls. Really, a vicious alligator? Lucky for the owner that the cops didn't shoot it.

DrGecko said...

Oh, good lord, that's just a tegu. They can be a little arrogant (especially the ones from Argentina), and I wouldn't discuss soccer with it, but they're harmless.