Thursday, June 21, 2018

Another broker for 20 Avenue A?

Yesterday, a worker removed the Eastern Consolidated "for lease" banner from 20 Avenue A... the long-vacant storefront at the southeast corner of Second Street.

Perhaps there's a tenant for the space. Vigilant EVer, who shared the photo, noted: "I'm hoping for something that isn't a condo sales office!"

More likely there will be a new broker for the address (the sixth or seventh for the space in three years). Eastern Consolidated recently announced that its shutting down next month.

The Chase branch closed here in November 2015. Last October, EastVille Comedy Club looked at taking part of the storefront. However, CB3 denied the application, citing, among other reasons, that this address was never licensed before and that it exists in a saturated zone. EastVille since relocated to Brooklyn.

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Anonymous said...

Here's great idea that could find someone to lease this space..... lower the damn rent.