Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The warm and fuzzies in Tompkins Square Park

Christo and Amelia's two 2018 offspring are going on 3 weeks old now... Steven shared this photo, showing two fuzzy hawklets peering out from the nest...

Head over to Goggla's site for more photos, including some impressive hawklet wingspan shots.


JQ LLC said...


I think the hawks might be a bit cognizant of and even annoyed by the constant mainstream media attention the way they are raising their progeny. Maybe they don't want to be featured on Page Six, where "if you're on there you shouldn't be doing it"

Goggla's pics are outstanding. She also did a great post on songbirds.

Anonymous said...

As a volunteer with the Audubon Society Osprey Monitoring Program, these hawk stories are such a welcome thrill.