Friday, June 29, 2018

Rose and Basil has gone out of business

Rose and Basil, the nearly two-year-old cafe, has closed at 104 E. Seventh St. between Avenue A and First Avenue.

There's a sign out front, noting everything must go — plates, glasses, chairs, etc.

We don't know the reason behind the closure at the moment. The Rose and Basil website and Facebook page are no longer active, and their phone has been disconnected.

The cafe, which specialized in homemade desserts, recently added dinner service offering healthy menu items. Rose and Basil was owned by Ioana Holt, who launched the business with her college friend William Wang in July 2016.

Thanks to Steven for the photos

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Anonymous said...

Somehow this does not surprise me. There are a lot of really bad Yelp reviews. Unfortunately the owner had to comment on each and every one of them and she refused to make any changes. It seemed as if the place was lacking customer service.

Anonymous said...

This comes as a complete shock to me! I LOVED Rose and Basil and Ioana was one of the most personable cafe owners who I ever met! I would make sure to bring friends and family to R&B when they visited me from out of town. The food was always so great (those chia pots were addictive!) and her rose late changed my life! Way too many exclamation marks, I know, but I don't how else to convey how SAD I am that Rose and Basil went out of business. It was my study haunt during grad school (no, I didn't go to NYU, I trekked down from Columbia to study there because the atmosphere, staff, and drinks were so amazing). Mi-e dor de Rose and Basil, si ai grija de tina Ioana! ("I miss Rose and Basil and take care of yourself Ioana" in Romanian).

Anonymous said...

I loved this place. The past few years I got their "healthier" chocolates for gifts so I am very sad they are gone this year. Hope the chefs come back somewhere because I like the idea.

Anonymous said...

They had the best truffles