Friday, June 22, 2018

The EVG podcast: Red-tailed hawk talk with Laura Goggin

[Christo, left, and Amelia by Goggla]

As mentioned last week, I recently launched an EVG podcast, recording episodes in the East Village Radio studio on First Avenue.

This conversation with East Village-based photographer Laura Goggin (aka Goggla!) was the first one that I did. We recorded it several weeks ago, and many red-tailed hawk developments have occurred since then, such as the arrival of the two chicks... who are growing so quickly.

In any event, in the podcast, we talk about the history of Christo and Dora and their offspring as well as discuss the tabloid-worthy exploits of Christo (and Not Dora/Nora and Amelia) and the other red-tailed hawks in the city.

This link will take you to Goggla's site for more photos and red-tailed hawk narratives. And stay tuned for more EVG podcasts (kind of in the "soft open" phase, to use some restaurant lingo).

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Brian said...

Really enjoyed the podcast. I did not know what to expect. You sound so "professional". Great info too.

Greg Masters said...

Wonderful, informative interview. (Coleman HAWKins intro and outro, nice.)

Unknown said...

Love the hawks, Love Goggla, and the new podcast. Thank you Grieve.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Thank you, Grieve! The podcast was lot of fun and I hope the information benefits our hawks. Something I forgot to mention in the conversation was that Christo attends all the punk shows in Tompkins. He's a true EV spirit.

Grieve said...

Thanks for sharing your insights on the hawks, Laura. I thought of about 10 follow-up questions after we were done. We'll need to do a sequel later this summer!

JQ LLC said...

Great informative show. Can't wait for the next interview.

I wonder what's going to happen if Dora returns.