Monday, August 13, 2018

Updated: Brown out again at the Verizon building

The staff watching over the Verizon building on Second Avenue at 13th Street has apparently stocked up again on brown paint... the tags that lined the 13th Street side were painted over last week...

Perhaps this marks a return to the brown paint wars that dominated local headlines from 2012-2014.

Tags would fill up the wall. Someone would cover them with brown paint. The tags would return. So did the brown paint. And so on.

For several years it seemed as if Verizon was willing to just let the graffiti stay (in part because the 13th Street side was covered with a sidewalk bridge...)

In any event, here's what the wall looked liked before the latest brown out last week...

Updated 8/14

EVG reader Jen Pace noted these arrivals today...

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Neighbor said...

Why don't they just commission actual street art on these walls? That seems so much easier and generally works at keeping away this shit graffiti.

Giovanni said...

A brown wall? All I can see is a white dress with gold stripes.

BagelGuy said...

The folks at Verizon need to invest more in gates like the ones they have on the west side of the building. This will kill the tagging. Guys, you can afford it .