Monday, November 9, 2020

Book Club turns the page on 1st anniversary

In some more positive local business news... Book Club turns 1 today at 197 E. Third St. between Avenue A and Avenue B. 

The bookstore-cafe, operated by East Village couple Erin Neary and Nat Esten, enjoyed five-plus months in business before having to close for the COVID-19 PAUSE in March. However, they were able to fullfill orders online, and Nat logged hundreds of miles making deliveries via his bicycle. (They reopened for to-go service on May 1, and in-store shopping in June.)

There was also an additional five-month wait for their beer-wine license. Anyway, starting today, they will have limited indoor cafe seating (in addition to their outdoor space) for coffee and other drinks.

Here's part of an email to customers via email:
We're so grateful for the community of the East Village and beyond for supporting us through every clunky step of shutting down and reopening. We wouldn't still be here if not for you! THANK YOU.
Photo from November 2019 by Stacie Joy


Choresh Wald said...

Love this place. The back yard is perfect and quiet and the outdoor seating in front makes a good combo with the chai place. Together with Jane’s Exchange makes it a great afternoon outing with the kids.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations !

Anonymous said...

Love this bookstore! So glad that they chose our neighborhood for their business.

Anonymous said...

awesome, love this place!

Sarah said...

Really like this place; a different vibe from most other remaining NYC bookstores. I hope they make it all the way through.

Anonymous said...

thank you for being courageous to open an independent book store in the best of times, but to stick with it during these turbulent times is a great achievement. wishing the two of you and your store the best. congratulations!