Monday, November 2, 2020

Incoming office building makes first appearance above the plywood at 141 E. Houston

Steal beams, the first above-ground signs of the office building going up at 141 E. Houston St., are now visible from the construction site here between Eldridge and Forsyth...
This will eventually be a 9-floor building that the developers describe like this:
From acclaimed architect Roger Ferris, the only new development of its type on the Lower East Side, 141 East Houston is a new frame for viewing the neighborhood. Column-free and unbounded by walls, it reinterprets the area through a bold geometric perimeter of cladding and glass. State-of- the-art workspaces and private terraces reframe expectations, while a well-connected location recasts perspectives. 
With its glass frame and dynamic courtyard running the length of its eastern side, doubling as a second facade, 141 East Houston challenges the distinction between indoors and out.

East End Capital and K Property Group bought the property for $31.5 million in the spring of 2017.


Anonymous said...

A movie house was sold and demolished before the pandemic which, given the pandemic may eventually have necessitated that outcome in the end,which resulted in a new office building at a time when offices are sitting empty. As sad as it is, maybe in hindsight the owners of Sunshine unwittingly made a smart business decision

Gojira said...

Let's see, what is another term beside claptrap, hogwash, balderdash, farrago of nonsense, blather, drivel, twaddle, eyewash, tommyrot, poppycock, babble, fustian and piffle we can use to describe both the press release and the building? Hmm, how about hooey?

Anonymous said...

There are about only 2 reasons to live in an urban dense area like Manhattan.

A glut of amenities that are at your face and bragging rights. The 2nd reason is of course from the 1st reason.

Small scenic towns can actually market their living spaces successfully to residents of big urban living during this pandemic if an organic market, a good pizzeria, and a decent Japanese restaurant are in place. The rest is pretty much history.

Sarah said...

You forgot fiddle-faddle and flim-flam.