Saturday, March 12, 2022

Have we seen the last of the sinkhole on 1st Avenue at 5th Street?

Updated 3/14: We're back!

After multiple attempts at digging and patching, patching and digging, it appears the intersection of First Avenue at Fifth Street is officially sinkhole free.

Workers recently painted the crosswalk and bike lanes here again — a good sign that they likely won't have to do this again until the summer. 

You can find previous sinkhole coverage from this location here and here ... and here.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in about this!


Anonymous said...

Maybe move the citibikes back to the sidewalk across the street so I don't get hit by a bus when trying to park it. And people will have somewhere to pull over, like the fruit man!
When is the construction moving from in front of Rite Aid!

Carol from East 5th Street said...

I called 311 this week to complain about the construction materials that have been sitting on First Avenue for at least 3 months since construction at 75 First Avenue was completed. They have been using the spot for free storage. Let's see how long it takes for the DOB to respond.

CHurt said...

Welllllllll ....... woke up this morning to jackhammers, and they're digging the corner up again!

Anonymous said...

They're still out there on Friday at 9:45 am. They dig it up in the morning, seal it in the afternoon and then dig it up again the next day.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful morning and we get jackhammers and metal sawing.

Tonite we'll get grease fumes and drunks screaming.

It is not sustainable.