Sunday, April 24, 2022

A water main break on 7th Street at Avenue C

City crews continue work on Seventh Street just west of Avenue C... there was a report of a "water condition" here at 1:13 a.m. ... (A reader told us it was a water main break...) Seventh Street is closed to through traffic between Avenue B and C.

Another reader reported that the city has shut down the water to the block. (This after low water pressure last night.) 

Hopefully, this is something that can be repaired quickly...


Brian said...

Water main breaks are just the worst. We are so lucky to have such reliable water infrastucture in this country. Clean, cool, drinkable water right out of the faucet! Suddenly being without water to shower, drink, brush your teeth, and clean the dishes reminds us how lucky we really have it.

Anonymous said...

I was walking home from work when this happened. I was dismayed like so many. I live on the other side of 7th and C. I feel awful for my fellow neighbors who had to contend with the huge abyss of mud/ dirt this left on the road and near the Citibike docking station, along the sidewalks, the enormous noise and bright lights of the repair well into 4 am, and more importantly, the shut off of their water. What an eyesore. Hope it can be resolved soon. I've resided on this street since 2010 and have witnessed a lot of insane, dramatic occurrences take place which is unlike any other neighborhood I have ever lived in since my arrival to NYC in 2000. In addition to the clubs/bars overfilling with young, very loud bratty kids from Thursday to Saturday on 7 and C to what feels like the endless stream of sirens of firetrucks and police cars driving between Ave D and C for numerous fires and other activities to the massive, noisy construction taking place on a townhome directly facing my apartment building, there is never a dull moment on East 7th Street. It must be one of the busiest, most sought after and popular streets in NYC. Someone needs to write a book.