Monday, April 25, 2022

What you knead to know about Librae Bakery

If you missed our post from last week, Librae Bakery is opening soon at 35 Cooper Square at Sixth Street. 

Since that last post, help-wanted signage has gone up in the windows (in case you knead a job — we'll run that joke into the ground!) ... and there's BREAD pictured on that sign...
Mentioning the bread because whenever a bakery opens and just sells cookies and cakes and desserts, people are like, What about a bakery with bread? 

The Librae Facebook page describes the business like this: "Third culture bakery with Middle Eastern roots and Danish technique." 

Anyway, it's shaping up inside to be a nice-looking space.

Librae takes over the storefront from Schmackary's, a bakery that sold cookies and other desserts (but not bread, see?).  Schmackary's didn't reopen following the PAUSE of March 2020. Their original outpost remains open on West 45th Street.

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Anonymous said...

"in case you knead a job —"or knead a little extra dough in your pocket.