Thursday, April 28, 2022

Openings: Little Myanmar brings Burmese cuisine to 2nd Street

Photos by Stacie Joy

Little Myanmar, serving Burmese cuisine, is now open at 150 Second St. at Avenue A. 

Eater had the scoop about Little Myanmar's arrival:
The lauded underground Burmese spot Yun Cafe — famously wedged among a row of shoebox-sized businesses inside the Roosevelt Avenue/74th Street subway station in Jackson Heights — is expanding aboveground. 

The family behind the operation — married couple Thidar Kyaw and Tin Ko Naing handle the cooking, while their daughter Yun Naing is the business manager — is opening a rare Manhattan Burmese establishment called Little Myanmar ... with a full-blown kitchen that expands on Yun Cafe's existing repertoire with tangy noodle soups, steaming hot curries, mala skewers, and baked cassava cakes.
Eater has more on the family here, including the fact that their convenience store burned down in March 2021 in a fire that destroyed six businesses in Jackson Heights.

Little Myanmar, which includes five tables for in-person dining, is open daily from 3-9 p.m. for now. You can follow them on Instagram via this link or call them at (917) 475-1183.  


TheOtherSarahT said...

Super excited about this! Have been missing Burmese food in the area since Village Mingala closed about a zillion years ago.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I miss Mingala too. Excited to see this arrive and look forwarding to giving it a try.

Anonymous said...

This is very exciting, can't wait to try it.

Anonymous said...

I met a nice guy named Solomon who just started working there. Looking forward to heading there!

Anonymous said...

I check out there menu on yelp look good affordable price

Anonymous said...

Finally a Burmese restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Agree, this is super exciting.