Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Your season 2 'Russian Doll' reader

Photo from March 2021 on 3rd Street by Stacie Joy 

As you may have heard, season 2 of "Russian Doll" premiered on Netflix last Wednesday. (Maybe you've already binged!)

This time around, like Marty McFly (and Huey Lewis & the News), Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) heads back to the 80s — and further! 

As we noted last spring with the filming (here and here), the East Village serves as a backdrop for part of the season. Until Budapest. (Spoiler!) 

Anyway! Here are some articles to read if you're interested in more about all this... 

• Horseshoe Bar Is the Center of NYC's "Russian Doll" Multiverse (Thrillist)

• NYC Filming Locations for "Russian Doll" on Netflix (Untapped New York)

• In "Russian Doll," Natasha Lyonne Barrels Into the Past (The New Yorker)


Anonymous said...

Show is fantastic. But that yenta sound she makes at the beginning and end of each and every sentence making it hard to watch.

Giovanni said...

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, "Russian Doll" will now be known as "Doll With Halting Accent."