Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Good Heavens! A rebrand for 169 Avenue A

The lounge/small music venue at 169 Avenue A between 10th Street and 11th Street recently went under another name change.

The former Coney Island Baby-Lola-East Berlin is now going as Heaven Can Wait. (Be Your Own Pet played a surprise set here last Wednesday — the Nashville band's first show in 14 years.)

You can check out the venue's calendar of events here.

The address was previously HiFi (2002-2017) and the indie live music venue Brownies (1989-2002). 


Anonymous said...

It was East Berlin, not Berlin East, which made no sense, since it was 8 blocks NORTH of Berlin, and on same WEST side of the avenue.

Anonymous said...

This place hasn’t been the same since they closed Brownies. 😭

Anonymous said...

Life is not the same since they closed the 90s.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous! Someone settle on a name and leave it!