Friday, May 6, 2022

About Abortion Stories, an interactive arts festival taking place this weekend

Abortion Stories is an interactive arts festival taking place in Tompkins Square Park today and at the Cindy Rucker Gallery on Orchard Street this weekend. 

Per the EVG inbox: 
The festival affirms the power of our stories to fight back against the assault on our autonomy and human rights. We are inviting people to share their abortion stories in front of an audience or privately. 
We have been planning the event for months but given the recent SCOTUS leaked document, it is more important than ever to come together as a community to not only rally for our rights but to honor our experiences and recognize the importance of abortion. 
There's a "Speak Out" in Tompkins Square Park today from 2-6:30 p.m.:
Psychologist Carolina Franco facilitates a free and open event where people are invited to share their abortion stories in a group setting or sitting privately with a listener. People can also write or draw their story and add it to a story tree, or send a thank-you note to an abortion provider. 
Find the Festival's website with more details here.


Anonymous said...

I just walked past this on my way home. I was impressed by the number of people in attendance. I thought about stopping by to support these women, but it is not about me. I am a gay man who is pro choice and who has many women friends who have had safe access to abortions. My heart is breaking for women across the country who are facing darkness and uncertainty in our present climate. We all need to fight for women everywhere.

seedyfilmz said...

I actually think men need to attend these kinds of things. It’s showing solidarity, which is so important.