Saturday, May 7, 2022


ICYMI. (Don't you kinda wish you had though?????) 

The new news site Hell Gate has the story from this past week — that young adults/influencers/etc. do not use the in discussing the East Village or the West Village. 

"I just heard of this like a month ago, that East Village is actually the East Village, and only locals get it," said one TikToker. 

The story is for Hell Gate subscrbers only. The Post has a recap of it here.

The screengrab is via Gothamist.


Anonymous said...

We have been actively destroying language for decades now, thanks to "technology". Articles? Who needs them? Not young people. We speak in shortened meaningless acronyms. Is it useful to communicate in ways that would make our language accessible to any English-speaking person? I think not, boomer. To which I say, Exactly. You don't think.

Anonymous said...


JAMES said...

F them..It will ALWAYS be THE East and West Village

none_to_remain said...

I often make the typo "Easy Village", maybe we could go with that.

Unknown said...

I think our home deserves an article

Anonymous said...

It's actually the lower east side, so whatev